24 Mar 2013

Community Relations, Outreach and Public Education

What we do

Building goodwill and understanding within a community can be a tricky process. There are plenty of examples of organizations that underestimated the power of public opinion when managing the goals of their organization, and failed because of it. podium

Glaab & Associates has successfully guided our clients through the maze of public opinion generating public support for their organization.  Much like a GPS tracking system, we provide you with a roadmap to success, navigating the complex, confusing and sometimes misleading world of community relations, outreach and public education.

At Glaab & Associates, we are experienced in successfully creating and managing outreach campaigns that build awareness, change attitudes or behaviors, and generate public support. We create persuasive public outreach programs that effectively build community support around issues, campaign or projects.

We have developed outreach campaigns for cities and other government entities and special districts, as well as property owners, developers and businesses.

As your Community Relations and Public Outreach Consultant, we will bring our experience to your organization and provide the services that you need. This may include:

  • Strategic counsel
  • Development of a detailed strategic plan with milestone and timelines
  • Management and implementation of the ongoing program

How we do it

We understand the dynamics of the media, the public, and the political process. We know how to access and influence local elected leadership, government officials, other key decision-makers, and we know how to work with the media – getting our clients press when they want it, and keeping them out of it when they don’t.

We also understand that when a project meets the vision of the city or the government entity, the process will likely move more quickly. At Glaab & Associates we will work with your organization to ensure that the project, program or product meets that vision and communicate the project priorities to elected officials and staff.

Glaab & Associates has the experience to provide your organization with the following successful activities:

  • Coalition building
  • Strategic alliance and partnership development
  • Public Education and outreach
  • Minority education, and outreach
  • Media relations, including crisis development
  • City, county and government agency advocacy