24 Mar 2013

Issues Management

What we do

As your GPS tracking system for issues management, Glaab & Associates helps you articulate the issues – and either move issues forward, stop them, or monitor and handle evolving and ongoing issues.  We do this whether it involves government, the media or the public, or all three. As your Issues Management Consultant, we identify problems early in order to mitigate them quickly, or avoid them altogether.

We are successful because we are experienced. Glaab & Associates is comprised of former top-level government officials who understand how government works, what issues are likely to impact your organization, and how to discover issues before they become critical.

 How we do it

Our success as an Issues Management Consultant requires us to be flexible.

Like your GPS system, we monitor the events that are likely to impact your organization. Our process includes:

  1. Develop the initial strategy, then revise this strategy as issues evolve
  2. Track decisions, votes and other action taken and evolving at government entities
  3. Search public records, agendas, media, etc. to determine the issues and how they are evolving
  4. Create an early warning system on issues that evolve quickly
  5. Develop potential recommended actions based on these insights

As your Issues Management Consultant, we will use our years of experience and connections to bring additional success to your organization. We will become your ‘eyes and ears’, keeping you updated on evolving issues, providing analysis of media coverage, and staying on top of relevant legislative and regulatory developments.