28 Mar 2013

Healthcare Public Affairs

Navigating the healthcare environment can be a daunting task during the best of times. In today’s turbulent and ever-changing environment, it can seem overwhelming. This is where Glaab & Associates comes in. Using our expertise, experience and connections, many hospitals, health systems, medical groups, ambulance companies, and healthcare non-profits have relied on us to gain access, influence decisions and navigate this ever-changing environment.

What we do

If your challenge is dealing with the unknowns and changes in health reform implementation, as your Healthcare Public Affairs Consultant, we help you understand health reform as it relates to your organization, identify opportunities and challenges that will specifically impact you, and develop a plan that creates success for your organization. We blend healthcare industry experience with political expertise and contacts to deliver what your organization desires.

If your needs focus on influencing government decisions, winning a key vote or changing government regulations,  we help you clearly articulate the problem, determine the best strategy and then we influence the decision.

Because Glaab & Associates is comprised of former top-level government officials, we provide high-level strategic and tactical assistance at all levels of government. We successfully help our clients:

  • Introduce government officials to new issues, articulating them so they understand your point of view
  • Change government rules and regulations to benefit our clients
  • Gain access to key government officials
  • Ensure the right decisions are made and that you win your key vote on issues and legislation
  • Gain government contracts
  • Win key votes

Making the contact is only half the battle. Our team at Glaab & Associates is very attuned to the accuracy of statements made by elected and appointed officials, as well as staff, at all levels. We know when government is not giving our clients a fair shot, or not dealing fair. We know when to push, how hard to push and when to pull back and go a different direction.

How we do it

When working with our clients, we follow a well-established process as listed below:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Develop an accurate way to articulate the problem to government and other influencers
  3. Target the right government entity and decision makers
  4. Influence the decision
  5. Stay flexible in order to handle evolving issues and to change tactics if and when we hit a roadblock.

Getting the end result desired by our clients may require several different tactics. At Glaab & Associates, we have the expertise needed to successful implement the tactics required by our clients. This may include:

  • Represent your organization at public meetings
  • Testify on your behalf
  • Maintain an ongoing presence among critical government agencies and decision makers
  • Develop and conduct public outreach programs and speaking events
  • Develop strategic alliances that benefit your organization
  • Develop strategic communication plans that include media materials and a crisis response plan