28 Mar 2013

Transportation, Infrastructure and Land Use

Our firm focuses on transportation/infrastructure public affairs – we are infrastructure experts.  From public outreach and education campaigns to public affairs media and government relations, we cover the waterfront when it comes to transportation and infrastructure.  Whether it’s roads, rail, water, or airports, G&A provides high-level strategic consulting to ensure our clients’ projects are successful.

Many public affairs firms claim to be transportation/infrastructure experts.  However, we at Glaab & Associates make that claim because we have lived it.  We have worked on both the government side and the private side.  Our principals were not only former top-level government officials in transportation at the state and county level, but they have served on local, regional and statewide transportation-related boards and commissions.  We have been involved in not just influencing transportation policy, but creating and developing it.

Our clients have included government transportation entities, public utilities, cities, water districts, special districts, as well as engineering firms, developers and non-profit organizations.

What we do

From roads, to railways to water or airports, as your Infrastructure Public Affairs Consultant, we help you understand the government process as it relates to your organization.  Whether your needs focus on influencing government decisions, winning a key vote or changing government regulations, we help you clearly articulate the problem, determine the best strategy and then we influence the decision.

 We help our clients

  • Introduce government officials to new projects or issues, articulating them so they understand your point of view
  • Change government rules and regulations to benefit our clients
  • Gain access to key government officials
  • Ensure the right decisions are made and that you win your key vote on issues and legislation
  • Gain government contracts
  • Win key votes

Making the contact is only half the battle.  Our team is very attuned to the accuracy of statements made by elected and appointed officials, as well as staff, at all levels of government.  We know when government is not giving our clients a fair shot, or not dealing fair. We know when to push, how hard to push and when to pull back and go a different direction.

How we do it

When working with our clients, we follow a well-established process as listed below:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Develop an accurate way to articulate the problem to government and other influencers
  3. Target the right government entity and decision makers
  4. Influence the decision
  5. Stay flexible in order to handle evolving issues and to change tactics if and when we hit a roadblock.

Getting the end result desired by our clients may require several different tactics. At Glaab & Associates, we have the expertise needed to identify creative and effective tactics, and we have the contacts and experience to make it happen. This may include activities such as:

  • Representing your organization at public meetings
  • Testifying on your behalf
  • Maintaining an ongoing presence among critical government agencies and decision makers
  • Developing and conducting public outreach programs and speaking events
  • Developing strategic alliances that benefit your organization
  • Developing strategic communication plans that include media materials and a crisis response plan